The kit consists of


The Roboable kit consists of a configurable base unit with custom covers that interact on the basis of game scenarios to be developed with Scratch 3

Online course

Roboable is a device based on simplicity and pleasantness but to ensure a better experience we release a six-hour online course to use to improve the user experience

Roboable is able to interact with a computer and through Scratch 3 you can create new scenarios to be used according to the needs of users.
The device is based on ‘design for all’ and is very easy to use and configure.

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Enhance the controller with covers to customize. You can use your creativity to design new ones or use the default ones
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Turn on and connect the controller to your pc via wifi
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Open games on Scratch already included in the kit or develop new scenarios
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You're ready to play!

The 6-hour online course will help you to create new games for Roboable and develop new teaching methods using the technology

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